Thursday, February 18, 2010

Christian Creed

My heart yearns and my heart cries,
for the broken hearts that lay to tonight.
I feel your pain, I share your grief,
the fear that their love is ready to leave.

What hurts the most, i've shared before,
the cheating memories, the battle, the war..
that lay within your heart to make,
your sacrifices, the give and take..

You lie there sadly, and i try hard not to cry,
but to comfort and hold you, and stick by your side
you're not strong now, you're broken
you're open, and weak

your heart feels so empty, you can barely speak.
as you lie in bed crying, trying to understand why.
i whisper within me, as a part of me dies...
this heartache, this sadness, it's inevitably so..

you don't deserve feeling like this,
you try hard not to let it all show...
your fear and your madness,
i struggle to speak, to fight off all your fear here.

your sadness at it's peak
i can't fathom what you're thinking,
i can only pray that you'll see
you were much better then he had ever
ever made you out to be.

if what happened is true, truer than we'd ever expect
i hope he gets what he deserves, i hope soon enough he's a wreck
that he'll come to his senses, or receive karma in full
this young girl she is nothing, compared to you, she's just merely a tool

one who obviously knows no better,
but to fool and to cheat,
with the leftovers of someone,
she's just filled with evil and deceit.

posing beneath a smile and a false faith religion it's true,
what sickens me most, is how he failed to appreciate you.

someone so gracious and supportive,
so loving and true, this guy is but a child,
so immature, so unworthy of you...

although i know all the harsh comments,
will not make you feel better i see,
you're so much more than you make out,
you'll be better of you see...

i want you to have faith and to hold on it's true,
it's much easier to give up..
then to keep treading and seeing it through...

although love seems so distant,
and trust is far from near..
your heart needs true mending...
it needs a rest from all the fear..

the fear of trusting and loving..
and giving to easily..
your heart is still waiting...
for the one to truly love you faithfully.

i know it'll take time...
so listen carefully and know..
that God has been here beside you..
even if it barely shows..

your heart is yet fragile,
your mind is a mess
everything is hard to gather...
your feelings hard to confess..

he's absent and you're waiting..
hurting so much i see..
he has no idea what he let go of
he has no idea how he'll be..

young and so foolish,
impatient and untrue..
i wish he would've been better
much better to you..

but i can't forsee everything..
i try hard to trust and let you be..
so i'll just pray hard on the side..
and hope one day you'll finally be free..

free from all the hurt and pain
resentment and truth..
all the spite and heartache..
all the disdain from the root..

i love you so dearly.
and i cannot protect you always i know,
but i can only try to make things easier
by helping you let go..

so let go of the memories,
all your hopes and your fears
for what's done is still done now
yesterday, tomorrow and what's near...

the future and the present.
the mistakes in the past..
the smiles and happiness
the things that happened to fast..

for no reason you are at fault..
you were supportive and true
you were loving and unconditional
the best gf, you gave all of you..

but i'm sorry he was blinded,
by such worthlessness, such shame,
but you're much better than that..
and i promise he will never forget your name
or the way you made him feel
when you put forth so much effort
so much love and so much truth,
he'll discover all the things he'll be missing
all the things he had so easily with you

taken for granted, and left out to dry
his foolish heart will see through his naivety
he'll soon start to despise..
all the stupid decisions he's made
all the hurt that he's caused,
he'll realize his real worth in the world..
and how much he is flawed..

for one day he'll want to settle,
but she won't amount up you see.
to the great characteristics of your love
"the love she had for me.."
he'll think it, he'll regret it..
he's rehearse it and he'll cry..
he'll realize the things he never should've done
and he'll finally understand why.
why things can never ever be the same..
why he's no longer priority in your life.
why you've finally let him go,
down a dark hole deep inside..
so you can heal and you can better
yourself for better and for worse
your deserving husband of many years now
and you'll finally break the curse

the curse within our minds we create
and had stuck to all too well.
the curse we fear to believe in.
the truth we could barely tell..

as we hold onto what is,
and to let go of what can possibly be..
the truth just seems so restless
but the truth is,
it all relies within me...

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  1. You have another one, too! =P

    This poem is so sad. Karma is a bitch, and I can't wait 'til he meets her. lol.