Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Holistic Treatment

So a very interesting thing happened to me today. What was supposed to be a routine checkup at a 'free clinic' turned out to be waaay more then i had expected. An aggravating, interesting and yet very eye opening experience...

So today is the last day that we had to spend with my mom, she departs Hawaii tomorrow.. and the date when she will return... is unsure. Anywhoo... so we both had a free consultation appointment today with the same doctors; and to my surprise, to little too late, it was a holistic practitioner, or doctor... which is something very new and interesting. after sitting down and signing all these papers to do with private information and symptoms, i recall reading a word i had not understood 'holistic'

It wasn't until I had spoke to the 'doctor' that I realized, this was not a regular doctor that practices medicine, but a doctor that believes that we can be healed naturally rather then by antibiotics and other such things... and believe me.. I've read books on this and I strongly agree.. the whole body being interconnected with your mind, emotionally and being tied to your health... of course I feel its connected...

but that wasn't the point today.. so, never actually knowing that these type of doctors existed, i enjoyed our talk on how i need to change my diet first and foremost... considering all the post surgery / cancer pain that i've been having.. he feels it's mainly with diet.. and basically he brought it down to the fact that I should basically be a vegetarian.. or at least almost.. cut down on lots of meat, and the importance of 80% alkaline diet...

with that being said, i'm taking notes and understanding everything, all except for the need for me to purchase these big bottles of vitamins, green vegetable alkaline pills, and omega 3 pills as well. he's prescribing them to me, explaining how i need to take them, how many and when, and that we should follow up, and that i would be an interesting case, yes yes and yes, all very interesting, but as we're about to leave, they bill us for the pills totally to $77 for vitamins and such, which my grandma willingly paid...

but as we leave the office, i'm confused and don't understand, considering what should've been a free consultation..and talking to my mom who went before me, what he had said to her.. as she hadn't shared her experience, or any knowledge of him being a holistic practice... soo in alot of frustration and tantrum, feeling like i've wasted my time, almost letting them take my grandmas money..

i got upset with my mom, with them, and with myself.. because i had just accepted the pills, but honestly i didn't think they would be 20+ a pop, ridiculous. why is it so much? and why not just help me and suggest what i should take and where i should buy it.. he had used the term 'god's medicine' which is fine i get it.. from the earth and all natural herbal supplements, but to extremely overcharge and not ask me if i wanted to pay.. gaah what would've happened if I was alone.. i don't have any money!

gaaah so basically in all the halaballoo.. in a huge argument and everyone trying to understand why i had to take all these vitamins for $77, my mom goes back and tells them i refuse to take it lol. which isn't necessarily the truth, considering i find it a good idea.. .i just don't want to pay or have the money to pay $77.

but as i left in a tantrum to upset to talk or look at anyone... considering initially i already had a bad feeling about this clinic.. and thinking i should just go straight to a gynecologist and after learning this wasn't an actual hospital... blah the evening was just crazy... but yeah. so my sister and mom go back and as my sister is there, when my mom had stated that I wouldn't take the vitamins.. the lady rudely responds 'why?! she doesn't believe in holism?!'... blah

pass and fail all in one...


+ the natural way of healing
+ using god's medicine
+ the recommended vegetarian diet
+ Gaining knowledge of diet and why.
+ the fact that he admitted they're like "educators"
+ free consultation
+ the thought that i could easily fix this and prevent it myself


- not an actual doctor
- no actual check up / physical
- $77 vitamins (god's medicine)
- Don't practice real medicine.
- Other female doctor was rude.
- Failure to ask if i could afford it.
- their detailed forms to fill in (confusing)

Ugh soo basically things got a little heated... cause i've been so frustrated and i was excited to actually have gotten some real help, but unfortunately just turned out to be a doctor who helps you in a path.. and guides you through your health naturally.. that can be good, but at the same time, possibly not enough..

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hello Quilty

Loungefly does it again :)

So i've been wanting a HELLO KITTY head bag for the longest time.. and yet i'm still hesitant.. gah i swore i should've bought that clear one long ago..cause this bag is pretty big and bulky. I've read up and it's about 16" wide and 12.5" high. geez.. could it be anymore I LOVE HELLO KITTY!

Not to mention the color choice.. it's either you get the white.. which is like yaay, but what do i wear with it.. and the fact that it's in white... or do you get the black which is like in patent shiny leather lol. again what do you wear with it?

bah i'm tired. i'll be out for island vintage. and maybe some waikiki :D

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Double Tipped

I'm probably gonna have a new set up every week or twice a week even :)

Creme Taupe, or is more of a mauve? lol. with Dark Metallic Grey :) yum. oh konad. i ♥ you, and i apologize for not finding you earlier. but I am addicted, in love and fully obsessed with you ehhe. ps. i sucked butt at doing my left thumb, it kept on being crooked :( so i apologize for my amatuerness for even amatuer nail art lol ahha

Evil Genius' IRATIK affair

What inspires you? If there's one thing I would say I wish I could go back to, in which I haven't been in awhile, is DIY creativity. With the burst of Technology nowadays, I swear to God i've gotten lazy and even more impatient than I can remember by far. I love DIY. I love the look of things that are hand done, and I love experimenting, with everything. I've always been the type to do things on my own.. and take pride in creating something with my two hands... :) and that says a lot coming for me...

Since the discovery of the computer lol hhaha actually not really.. i'd say ever since becoming a graphic designer, it's so easy to just do things digitally. Everything is done digitally.. gaaah but i love the craft of drawing, painting, crafting, creating, dark room photography.. many of the things I take for granted nowadays.. and sadly and shameful to say, i have no patience in doing... I keep telling myself.. gah.. "i should start painting.." but what really sucks, is when it comes down to it.. i spent far more then 75% of my time in front of my computer.. hahah the rest truthfully is sleeping or shopping.. and even worst, most times if i'm not creating something for design, i'm researching (shopping basically..) always out searching for what's new and trendy and see all the things i love and all the things i hate lol.. but none the less, sadly I am always in front of the computer.

You know i've realized, that I find myself sad sometimes viewing what others are doing in their lives, reading it, watching it... and I think, what the hell am I doing here... watching, reading, hearing about other people discovering their dreams, revealing their destinies and fulfilling their every awaited dreams and aspirations.

Why have I fallen so stagnant. To a young woman who was filled with the now of LIVING IRATIK, I feel my life of what used to be IRATIKness has failed to be nothing but the opposite, predictable, stagnant, and unfulfilling.. I want to grow so much, so many things i've left on the back burner. My sister and cousin are planning on going on a trip to Cali.. and unfortunately that doesn't seem like an option to me.. because i'm still coping with getting a job, settling a life.. getting insurance and gettin checked up for god's sake :( .

Trying.. hard?! am i. I swear it's like i've given up. What I would just wish so much for that part of me to awaken and rise up the occasion, but yet at the same time... where is that occasion? I've been down and out a lot lately... and no one really understands why. I mean they understand my situation. but I Don't think they really understand how I'm feeling, and how low it's brought me.. but I'm still hoping, I'm still praying... sometimes, sadly. But i'm still holding on to that little ounce of faith... all in which i really hope would rebuild itself again.. but i guess this will all take time..

what is this post about? haa i have no clue.. the title had started of Evil Genius' Iratik Affair, simply to portray the outfit which consists of Evil Genius' Holey Shirt and my DIY Fish Nets, in which i dared to try =p lol. Cut a few holes here and there.. my bf limited me lol. But yes... now that I think of it.. I used to live on how IRATIK my thoughts were, how crazy, how unpredictable.. and I used to thrive on the thought of creativity and how artists have their own little bit of Fine Maddness... and I guess that's how I'll tie this post in with what wasn't intentional.. but was merely an iratik prediction :) of but the MISS, of the Evil Genius of but this, another IRATIK AFFAIR... which is my life.

From every angle..

So this was my second set of experimental nails :) this is the hot grey creme color i got for girls' day... along with black creme, metallic silver and bronze :) yay. lol. looks pretty nice. I love the angles cause it works well with just about anything.. enough fierceness..

in the mean time, if you were interested in the hello kitty 2 finger ring that i've been posting up, esp in the above image of this blog... i have it listed for sale on ebay

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Hooded Night

What was supposed to be a day that started early, started late lol. :/ well that's what I get for sleeping at 8 and rising at 2 lol :/ eek. Bah. Anywhoo.. finally picked up my sarahayo 2 finger ring... the quality is actually a little more yuck then i expected, but you have to admit that this ring still gives that oooh and ahhhh efffect :) lol haha.. Anywhoo.... this was my outfit for the day. It's been cold, i've been feeling junky.... gah. Turned in another application, at a place I used to work at 5 years ago... and back in the day.. lol. I know i know, i really didn't want to settle for going there, but i've been jobless long enough... and I need a job.. and I have to even hope that they'll still hire me :( and if they don't.. i promise you I will be eternally and even more disappointment and miserable with myself lol. Bah anywhoo. In the meantime today... we stopped by the post office, picked up and dropped off items... then headed to the mall just to go out.. the mall was busy.. but i got in a quick fix at f21... picked up some cute polka dot tights :) and grey chevron tights as well along with 2 rings (a fan one, similiar to the one sold on and also a a 2 finger bar ring very thin, but with a rhinestone cross in the middle.) and a pair of black crossgrain barettes for $1.50 in black...

Then afterwards headed to Coral Fish in pearl city :) and wow was I amused... lately my boyfriend has been having this fishy fix lol.. ahah for lent he gave up FITTED and INFORMATION and yada yada.. all of his weaknesses... but he's picked up a new thing for fishes, he's building a school of fishes for his 29" tank lol. all fresh water :) but yeah.. this place was wow... lots of water everywhere... tanks everywhere... but wow the downstairs was filled with lots of salt water fishes! the cast of Finding Nemo! hhhahah :/ If only they weren't so expensive so we could have them in our homes and watch these beatiful creatures daily.. bah hum bug.. but yeah.. he ended up buying 5 cute colorful fishies... Then last but not least we made one last stop and i copped a heather grey boyfriend blazer :) for just $15.. yay :) blah.. ok. time to do something else... hope you guys all had a great day... oh and ps. i was totally off track. i went to bed remembering tomorrow was Friday, but then midway through esp a little later on in the night when i realized my bf actually had work, cause he was rushing to get things done... i realized again it was Friday and not Saturday lol.

Last but not least.. check out these sites... :)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Alice Couture ;)

Disney Couture Wonderland necklace $565

Disney Couture tea party necklace $900

OMG these pieces are to dieee for. Are you a big fan of Alice and Wonderland? I can't wait to see it.. however I swear that that movie scares me hahah.. I recall the animated version was a little scary... considering my age at the time, similar to how even Coraline at my age of 24 now, still freaks me out lol. So I'm pretty curious to how Alice and Wonderland now feat. Anne Hathaway, and Johnny Dept... It looks even more dark and drear as the animation.. so I am so very interested in how it was executed.. =p.. gaaah i have to see it.

Chanel is very much not dead...

Gah I have never been so obsessed with a trend in jewelry, as I am with 2 Finger Rings! Gaaah found this huge beautiful ring on ebay... Chanel has definitely topped it :) this piece is gorgeous, and If i had the opportunity to wear this, I would do it fiercly. Oh i wish i would..

Are you chic enough for chictopia?

So I wanted to repost this, I had posted this in hopes to make the cut for the Chictopia10 Event, however I had failed miserably lol.. anywhoo.. I wanted to vent on how I've grown.


So first of all. I can’t tell you how much CHICTOPIA has inspired me to invoke my inner fashionista! I mean i’ve always been into style and my own style of fashion, but Chictopia just opened up a whole new world to me. I know it seems pretty ‘sheltered’ but quite frankly yes it was. Before chictopia, there was nothing else that interesting other than myspace, facebook etc… just networking friendship connecting sites, but Chictopia well… it was just a whole different world opened up to me!

I swear to you… i discovered Chictopia when i was on the forever21 site and they had a contest going… obviously eager to enter something for the first time and show of fashion sense and style, I created a chictopia account and i was amazed by what i had stumbled upon. Never had anyone introuduced me to such a site, i swear that I would’ve been wayyy into this in my earlier years and more fashion forward. I had discovered so many things with Chictopia, the once hidden world to me of Great minds who thought alike and dressed alike! and had the same passion as I did when it came to picking out just the right outfit regardless of what everyone else is wearing. I’ve always had a strong mind for what i really like :) and I usually stick to it… even if sometimes it turned out being things that I know none of my friends would even consider wearing or even dare trying… they would always say… “only you could pull it off…” or “that’s sooo you” but sometimes in a way where I wasn’t sure if that was a compliment lol. Having a different style and taste was always the kind of thing i wasn’t so sure was a good thing lol cause others kind of made like it was too much. But I guess i’ve just come across a whole new life with Chictopia.

Not only has this community opened up my eyes to all the beautiful people out there, but all their intriguing thoughts on their lives and fashion and how it all connects them and keeps them going… it’s interesting how something as simple as what you wear can really brighten up your day.

Since being a part of the Chictopia community I have never been so inspired. I think since being a member I have really opened up to a new light, not just the people, but just checking up on online stores and stumbling across from link to link to other young passionate fashionistas that pursue their own fashion lines, designing jewelry their own online stores, vintage finds… it’s just so wow! I can’t believe how much my fashion inspiration and motivations have been pushed by witnessing others making their dream come true. I am definately indeed inspired and to have a chance to really create something that is truly something special created by me.. there are so many things i want to do… Fashion Line of Jewelry/Clothing, My Own Online Boutique later to become an actual boutique… sooo many things… i just can’t seem to fathom and imagine all of these dreams and aspirations to come to life.. one by one. Witnessing so many others being successful I just can’t help but pursue.. i cannot stop. I guess I’m just hoping to meet the right people to help pursue those dreams and getting off this island finally and experiencing an even bigger world beyond this and make things happen.


So yeah... obviously things have changed... I've learned a lot about myself lately.. this blog was written in January.. and It is now March, and sadly, oh so sadly I have not made any progress. And honestly it really makes me sad, and makes me wonder, I know for a fact that I am my most biggggest huggest critic! lol I know I know... I swear I put myself down sooooo easily.. it's like I feed off of the feedback of society.. and if I don't feel like I've satisfied them, quite sadly I'm disappointed in myself... but I mean, WHO ISN'T, gah I'm 24 and I'm still waiting to do what I really want to do.. right now I'm still looking for a day job, I've failed miserably the last three interviews, missed an opportunity for an interview, and didn't even get a call back for my last resort spot lol. Maybe the girl didn't turn it in lol. or maybe it was my avail.. either way, no call. But i've realized and wondered if I had taken the other path in 2006, when I had chosen Graphic Design and Advertising over Fashion Design.. I find it quite interesting... I find that I find myself wanting a challenge, but sometimes at the same time failing to take it up... I go for the easy way out.. It's the same for music, I could've easily pursued music... I used to love singing, it was my everything.. but unfortuantely lately I have failed to succeed and yet again that has become such a disappointment and backside burner aspiration.. My life has been in a downward spiral for the last few months.. and even before that I kept feeling like I was so out of it. I have always been the type to always want to do something, never sit still, doing things right away, cause i can't wait, multi tasking.. but i've already realized times where I was given the chance easily... Has my life been a pitfall of chances... should I have taken Fashion Design instead? Am I even as great of a designer as others make me out to be, or is that just by their standard... and wondering if going off into the rest of the world, I'm no better then them and won't make it.. gaah I'm such a downer, but I have been realizing lately.. that I really want to be a stylist and buyer and design setups and scenerios in fashion, but i have no clue how to do that.. and I have no idea who to talk to :/ I really want to try a job that involves being a professional buyer and stylist...but then again failure just awaits me.. or more disappointment.. haaa a one way road of speed bumps of temporary happiness and never ending depression. Someone school me on what it takes and I will do it!

Girls' Day: Hello Kitty, Bows, and Cheetah Print Toes ;)

So first and foremost, Happy Belated Girl's day :) So I can't recall exactly what we did.. lol I remember we kind of just got out , just to get out... and It was me, the bf, and my sister and cousin.. the usual :) We headed to Ala Moana and went to Shirokiya, only to discover my newest and most dangerous addiction lol.. nail art.. haha i know it's kind of late... i've actually been wanting to take up some nail art recently because I've been seeing lots of girls doing their nails and I've been thinking to myself, is there something I'm missing? lol haha. Some new inexpensive method, or is everyone just gifted with talent to do nail art that could be done by pros, and I totally am without talent for this lol.

But yeah long story short... I discovered KONAD :) i'm sure this is old news.. but for me... CHEEE.. I'm all smiles lol. Cause I've always been really into always painting my nails, and I told myself I would never pay for a manicure only because it wouldn't be worth it, considering the things I do... lol. So a $20+ manicure would probably last a day or even night lol haha. Oh wells :/ but yeah... this is totally worth it.. and I really love the concept..

***So basically the concept of this Konad Nail Art is practically the same concept or etching, if you're familiar with printmaking... What you do is, you purchase an image plate, a stamper and a scraper... The image plate is a small round mini plate about 2 inches in diameter, made of metal and this has multiple nail designs which are etched into the plate.

1) So basically the first thing you do is, you apply/paint a layer of nail polish over the etched design, 2) then you use the scraper to scrape off the excess nail polish, and what is left is the ink remaining within the design.. 3) from then on you use this rubber stamp like applicator and you press it upon the stamp area, then the nailpolish and your design is transfered onto the rubber stopper, and then you apply it directly to your nails... and voila!! instant professional nail salon artwork :)

And the best part about it is, the plates are inexpensive and so are the stamps :) I believe you can find them on ebay for $7.99 free shipping and some plates are even packaged with the stamper for $13.99 free ship :) so it's such a steal and you never have to worry about spending endless amounts of money for your nails to be chic chic chic! Hahaha.. :) awesome isn't it?

Anywhoo... I actually didn't purchase this item right away... I didn't even realize it till my cousin purchased it and told me bout it.. when I saw her purchasing them, I looked at the price for $7.50 and I actually thought that these silver plates were just thin silver metallic stencils.. lol had no idea they were metal plates! like etching! ahaha.. anywhoo... I was pretty skeptical and we tried it out that night :) and the images above are the following results.. hehe And sadly I learned that the opaque metallic nail polishes, have a hard time fighting against the contrast of the cream base... so from now on. i guess i'll be using metallic base color and creme for the detailing :).. ahhah i love it! and it's great considering... that I know I'd never spend that much on a manicure.. bah.

Last but not least... the picture above also includes todays purchases, which will be my treats for Girl's day hehe... I actually got the 2 finger ring the day before that I believe... but omg.. i had to have it.. purchased this 2 finger HELLO KITTY, Dear Daniel ring... and it is to die for... ! gaaah lol. finally! HK why are you slacking!! there should already be a 2 finger diamante ring out lol =p gah i would love to design HK jewelry.

My treats also include three new creme colored nail polishes; which are pretty close to the colors i wanted... white, grey and taupe..but i actually think the taupe isn't as brown as i anticipated.. actually has a little bit of purple in it lol. bah. I'm still waiting on my brother's gf for a deal with OPI's new matte colors :)

Last but not least of my gifts, I also purchased 2 clips, i had to have them because they are like the HK bows :)

Oh and I also wanted to point out how crazy and how good the movie "The Crazies" turned out to be.. go watch it.. it's ridiculous! and it really makes you wonder about our government... :/ watch it... or read up on the synopsis... but yes GO WATCH IT! hahah..

bah my first huge blog

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So Close, but yet So far...

What have I been doing? A lot of NOTHING is what I tell you. WHAT DO I WANT TO DO? What do I desire to do?

What I really want to do with my life involves a whole lot of FASHION, STYLING, Accessorizing, Buying!, Designing, Traveling, Traveling, Traveling...

Gah I've been so sheltered my whole life, So afraid, so held back... and I keep seeing job wanted ads for BUYERS and STYLISTs, and MY GOD, I just wish i knew what it takes to get that job.. and to actually be qualified. All these useless depressing retail jobs I've been applying for, have been turning me down and I've been a wreck over it.. so many things I want to do involving my own line of clothing, fashion photography, stylizing, look books, staging displays and photoshoots, styling hair.. the works -_-, but I feel so far.. and sadly I guess I have no professional experience, I recently came across this ad on craigslist for a junior stylist / buyer...

and i have no clue what it takes to be qualified or for them to even consider taking me up on this job. But how I long to do something different, to live and to pursue what I can truly be good at and grow in. God help me, guide me... cause i'm wandering aimlessly and not in an optimistic way but in the most struggling pathetic way ever :/

Please someone educate me on what it takes, cause if I actually have what it takes to be applying for these types of positions, so help me I had rather try out for these... where it's worth it.