Friday, April 23, 2010

Clean and Unfinished..

I just ordered this ring off of UO and i am very excited to get it!!

Lately i've been finding myself more amused with the unfinished architectual diy look vs the high gloss high fashion look :) after seeing this gorgeous ring on by bleachblack. I did some research for this brand and I find myself adored with it :) i love the look, i've been searching for the perfect branch tree ring. and this one totally takes the cake..

The above image is the concept that which derived from a vintage mother's wedding ring.. which was found at their blog...

Yet on their site i found a bunch of other gorgeous pieces by other artists :) in which i automatically fell in love with..

Along with these gorgeous pieces of artwork, i came across some other cute items, from, along with an interesting statement.

Dick Weed Nail Art at for $12.95

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Sunday, April 18, 2010

so i know i said that I wasn't that big on designing apparel for others, but as far as branding for Iratik, that is something i can most definitely do :)

I'm actually getting more inspired to do some other pieces... but more on the sway towards feminine looks that my IRATIK ladies can wear :) are you looking forward to it? I am... just took up a job with a very inspiring young woman, same age as me... ;) who has most definitely set a good bar.. and I have yet to do the same... hoping she will inspire and motivate me to do my thing and really brand myself.. I am hoping for the best, and i'm pretty sure God is right by my side on this..

so yaaay and stay tuned for stuff as far as hats, accessories, jewelry, shirts and etc...


Best Kept Secret

Thanks to one of my besties.. i found something that'll amuse me daily and I am open to more and more sites that keep my mind intrigued and my humor humored :)

My second look at post secret and the things there are awesome.. i haven't yet read up on exactly how you get your stuff up but I will most definitely make it a point to get something up there :)

here are a few of the ones that caught my eye ;)

amusing cause I wonder.. lol. ohhhh i wonder! does this secret yet hold truth?!

interesting and yet some part of it feels partly true... alot of times you're surrounded by all these people in church who love God and you share their love of God, but alot of times there is some doubt.. and that's when you get uncomfortable and wonder... yet I pray this all changes.. and i shall not lose faith..

lol i found this most amusing cause of the combination of finishing one's laundry with orgasm, it's just soooo random lol

and i loved this one cause the ending part was sooo unexpected ;)

Friday, April 16, 2010

All We Need is Time

Nihon Jin Goodies :) Hello Kitty Easter Edition, Sesame Seed Crackers, and Hello Panda Chocolate Biscuits.

Dinner at Dennys Value Meals

My $8 Dinner at Denny's
Lemon Pepper Chicken with Vegetable Pilaf Rice and Green Beans :) yum.

My baby's $6 Burger :)

The night before...

Homemade DIY salad :) , Garlic Bread and 4 Cheese Pasta. yum.

The tights I got at Wet Seal for $0.25 :) yay!

The 300 Piece Minnie Mouse Puzzle we put together on our stay at home date night quality time..

So much stuff has been going on in such a short time. I feel like even more of the burden of an emotional wreckage i've become... all the thoughts, all the things. But on the plus side i talked with my gf's today.. it's been awhile since we've seen eachother with the weight of school work, work and everything else emotional on their shoulders... it's been a long time..

so we linked onto oovoo and videochatted :)

So with other things in mind.. I had another interview on Monday with an inspiring business woman. My age and with a local business incorporating Art, Music and a life style of fashion that will blow your mind :) iKandy is an awesome way to go. The interview went totally well and I'm just glad to know that I'm such a great candidate.. unlike some other places that just don't seem interested enough.. I got a heads up from 2 of my references that the job finally gave them calls and I got responses such as "don't worry i told them you walk on water!" :) from my most recent hehe.. which really made me feel confident.. hehe.

But yeah.. i have been waiting on their call considering they got the reference check yesterday... they have until tomorrow to call.. i really wanna work two jobs just cause they both have a lot of great pros, but if i had to pick despite the fact that one could possibly be better... the other just weighs in better benefits for my NOW factor. with a great gateway to the art community as well as design and anything else hawaii... I want to pick that.. let along take any other health issues into consideration... so i guess i will be giving her a call or text tomorrow.

In the mean time, this will include the past few day's goodies :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

2nd Call

Sooooo.... I immediately got a call back for a 2nd interview :) pray for me. I'm hoping I get it. Yay.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hulu Inspiration

images by and /

Ok, so anyone that knows me.. knows that I barely used to watch TV at all! Lol and technically I still don't. My sleep schedule is totally off and different and I have no clue to what channels are what and what time certain shows come on.. lol.. so with the Discovery of HULU i swear that I have been watching TV sooo much lol by technicality hehe.. but of course catered to my IRATIK schedule lol. So yeah... but yeah set aside from all the great shows I watch on Hulu to catch up with for my fashion fixes such as Launch My Line, Project Runway and Shear Genius and Tabatha's Salon Take Over, One show that really gets me thinking is "Being Erica" i forget where it plays on, I believe it's SOAPnet? lol I have no clue. I love this show. It's a new series that is very dramatic, humorous, romantic and just the kind of show I love to watch to get me inspired.

In short, 'Being Erica' is a show based on the main character "Being Erica" played by Erin Karpluk, who in my opinion does a great job :). SO basically what happens in the show is that character, Erica Strange is given opportunities to relive her past and possibly change certain aspects of her future. I mean who wouldn't want to do that? I'm sure if anyone had the opportunity to change something in the past that withheld something form occurring in the future, you would definitely do it, would you not? In my opinion Erica's character is ooh so courageous, because although there are many things we'd like to relive and change in our lives, like the bad things and the happy moments, there are also a lot of scary crazy moments that she has to relive as well, which in certain aspects she can in NO WAY change, and instead relive all the hurt and pain and result in a discovering a life lesson which then ultimately in the end of all this 'therapy' changes her for the better.

If you were given the opportunity.. would you take it? Not that in the show she has much of a choice lol.

with that said.. there were also alot of other tv shows that I had only started watching because of hulu :)

01. The Forgotten
02. Fringe
03. Kyle XY
04. HOUSE m.d.
05. CSI
06. Desperate Housewives
07. Glee
08. Being Erica
09. Lost
10. Stand Off
11. Castle
12. Bones
13. Ugly Betty
14. Eastwick (which unfortunately got cancelled!!!)
15. Greek
16. Mercy
17. Cougar Town
18. White Collar
19. Psych
20. Heroes
21. Scrubs
22. Dollhouse
23. Launch My Line
24. Project Runway
25. Shear Genius
26. Tabatha's Salon Take Over

lol those are in no particular order!

Nothing Sweeter

So the last two days have been an emotional roller coaster for me. what with already being a woman, you know what comes with that every month, unfortunately lol. you know I told a girlfriend that 'with all the pain that we have, we should be getting paid. ' Blah, so with all the emotional turmoil the last three months, in additional to a friend who only visits once a month... I've been all over the place.. with regular breakdowns every now and then =p but yeah, but finally it's the third round or so of attempts in interviewing for a day job.. and I had a group interview, 1 of 2 group interviews I have ever had in my life, MIND YOU! Why they have group interviews.. eeeh. I heard to see how we connect.. lol. But yeah turns out, it's a 2 part interview if they like you :)

Anywhoo the interview went pretty well. The night before I was a mess, frustrated with the nervousness of an interview that came suddenly lol. and the fact that it was a group interview.. but as it turned out it wasn't that bad, with a group of 6 i believe... I felt pretty confident. I swear possibly if it weren't for one of the other girls that was being interviewed, I'm not sure if I would've broke my nerve to feel confident hehe. I kept thinking, 'get noticed', 'stay in there', 'smile', 'always have something to say' and fortunately I feel my personal stylings didn't go un-noticed :) with a few normal interview questions in getting to know eachother, alot of the other questions had to do with discovering our style and if we could sell.

disclaimer: i not own these images.
images via. and

Q: Who's Celebrity Style do you like the most?

A: I love Rihanna for her edgy more high end styles and I love Zooey Deschanel for her Modern Vintage flair.

Another style question asked, but I believe not to me, was...

Q: Describe to me your style.

And one for the whole group was..

Sell me the outfit you're wearing...

Gah fortunately I was prepared and dressed, especially with something I could easiliy sell :)

My outfit consisted of

01) Zebra Flutter/Ruffle Chiffon Print Romantic Top Layered with a
02) Casual Black Plunging V Neck Knee High Dress
03) Vintage Faux Leather Fuschia Waist Belt
04) Forever21 Leaflet Black Tights
05) Bamboo Studded T Straps
06) Layering Necklaces DIY
07) Miscellaneous Rhinestone Pave Cocktail Rings

The selling points I had mentioned about my outfit gravitated towards the style factors of what's currently in.

Outfit being a more edgy Zooey Dechanel outfit Vintage Modern Business Casual style with a bit of edge.

-Selling how tights are Hauteee now, along with textures and transparencies..
-Layering is in (creating versatility) Ruffle top underneath a plunging V neck top, showing just enough print and detail to calm the chaos
-The Ruffles of the top are romantic and vintage style reminiscent, along with the tie in with animal prints: zebra.
-T-strap studded flats.. (anything studded is in), tstraps and taupe neutral tones are in

Didn't really get into accessory details, but i'm sure it was alright :)

Anywhoo the interview felt like it went well. so it's just another week to wait for a call. but in the mean time.. i really wanted to get a foot in the door considering knowing there's a great position i'd love to have being somewhat of a wardobe/trend specialist, considering i'm gravitating becoming a buyer and or stylist.

so let's just pray for the best...

How I wore them casually...

And in the mean time.. I found the shoes I wore to my interview, basically on Modcloth! But with Gold studs I believe, although I gotta say, I dig my gun metal far better... opens up for more versatility..

I swear, there is nothing sweeter, than to discover something that you had bought for half the price somewhere else.. and to be sold one of the most chic and mod vintage places ever for twice the price :)

Featuring my latest flat find, I signed on to check up on Modcloth's New Arrivals and there they were.. I swear they're my shoe but with Gold Toned Studs instead of the Gun Metal that I have.. labeled.. "Twinkle Toes T-Straps" for $27.99

In the mean time, you can check out my blog to see how i wore them in my most recent posts :)

A Bump in Cosmetics Interest

Gaaah so lately in my addition to my latest rush in fashion addiction.. my newest addiction is Konad nail plates :), nail polish, and lipsticks.. gaaaah I have yet to get these viva glam by mac lipsticks... I'm in dire need of a natural color.

I know I'm late with the mac and make up game.. but lipstick has been a new yay :) it's just a new accessory that pumps up any of my outfits and makes it pop..gaaah $14 a pop. hehe

Viva glam by Cyndia Lauper, Lady Gaga, Liberty of London in Petals and Peacocks and Blooming Lovely... and more colors... not to mention the one i've already tested out in previous blogs on, Mac's Matte Russian Red

gah can't wait to get a job again and provide and treat myself even more ;}

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Forever21 Secretive Christianity

I somehow stumbled upon this interesting article upon a many fashion blogs as I had read somewhere on an ebay auction listing for the Forever21 cross connector ring, that the ring was well known and very popular on fashion blogs everywhere.. so i decided to take a look and research.. and I stumbled upon this interesting article...

I honestly don't have a certain opinion right now.. but i just thought it was an interesting blog to stumble upon. and some food for thought.. some real bashing i tell you...
Christina Aguilera's BIONIC album
Due to Release June 8th

Soooo.. I heard Christina's new single release previewing her most recent album to release on June 8th, 2010. Honestly... I realize that alot of artists are putting out a similar song.. and I understand that the music style is really changing up... i mean Gaga totally changed up the scene... and most songs are all about what's catchy, rather than content.. and sadly.. i'm hoping for so much better things than the single that's release.. however we all know that the single release of a new album usually represents either one of the best songs on the album, or merely the most catchy that will undoubtedly get the audience's attention.. however, personally I hate the content, but yes it's a little catchy, but not as catchy as britney's '3' single for her album..

I've been waiting for a really long time to hear something good from Christina.. everyone's saying she needs to make a big come back with how Gaga took over the pop/fashion scene.. and with Christina's soulful voice.. I really hope her album holds much better content then that of the first single.. cause I'm really missing her throwback albums such as 'Stripped' and 'Back to Basics' which were ultimately awesome.. and her previous release of 'Keeps getting better' was merely a compilation.. but the hit 'Keeps Getting better' was actually good :)

But let's hope for better things :) But on the plus side, i really love the Album Artwork for Bionic.. it's really got potential and a lot of conceptual ideas that really pull you forward and make you curious to what's inside... but i'm hoping that the sound isnt' too technoish or house, cause Christina is awesome with more soul of course.

Anywhoo.. check out her site for more info on the release.. and take a listen here to her newest single "Not Myself Tonight" for those of you who haven't heard it just yet..

visit for more details..

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Island Style

Sooo today was the last day... got up early and saw off our mama... she's lucky, back to Cali... You know strangely.. for my age you wouldn't believe that the last time I've traveled by airplane or anywhere to anywhere was when i was in the 6th grade! You believe that?! 12 years ago approximately!! Gah, the airports seem soo frustrated... riddled with sooo many new rules, options, technology... not to mention it's busy and all the precautions due to the past.. :/ blah. It's ridiculous... and crazy.. makes me wonder how i'd be if i flew.. i don't even know how i'd be.. if i'm any good flying... do i freak out?! am i calm?! lol.. i hear they don't even always feed you anymore?! i remember always looking forward to the food that they served, but now it's optional and even if you have to pay! gaaaah and the additional prices for more carryons or whateves... it's ridiculous..

You know honestly i have no clue what i'd do if i had to up and leave hawaii... cause i have a million things Id tell you! I'd have to go to the swap meet and sell anything and everything possible! i wouldn't know what do at all! :/ but yeah...

Mother left... and already it sucks.. i loved having her around. She has been so good to us... despite the fact that she's not necessarily fit to financially provide for us.. she has provided so much in support and love... and you can't get that kind of love easily... trust me.. anywhoo. we dropped her off and then went out to eat.. cause there was no time before hand..

So we ended up going to a new place, with what was supposed to be Nico's? an under $10 plate lunch style plate.. ended up being a more upscale... fresh fish market type of restaurant with great ambiance, food and decor.. love it! :D it was nice too bad all three of our plates came out to be like 40 something... but it was most definitely all worth it :D i love finding great new places to eat. and the outside environment was refreshing, cause it has most definitely been awhile..

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Holistic Treatment

So a very interesting thing happened to me today. What was supposed to be a routine checkup at a 'free clinic' turned out to be waaay more then i had expected. An aggravating, interesting and yet very eye opening experience...

So today is the last day that we had to spend with my mom, she departs Hawaii tomorrow.. and the date when she will return... is unsure. Anywhoo... so we both had a free consultation appointment today with the same doctors; and to my surprise, to little too late, it was a holistic practitioner, or doctor... which is something very new and interesting. after sitting down and signing all these papers to do with private information and symptoms, i recall reading a word i had not understood 'holistic'

It wasn't until I had spoke to the 'doctor' that I realized, this was not a regular doctor that practices medicine, but a doctor that believes that we can be healed naturally rather then by antibiotics and other such things... and believe me.. I've read books on this and I strongly agree.. the whole body being interconnected with your mind, emotionally and being tied to your health... of course I feel its connected...

but that wasn't the point today.. so, never actually knowing that these type of doctors existed, i enjoyed our talk on how i need to change my diet first and foremost... considering all the post surgery / cancer pain that i've been having.. he feels it's mainly with diet.. and basically he brought it down to the fact that I should basically be a vegetarian.. or at least almost.. cut down on lots of meat, and the importance of 80% alkaline diet...

with that being said, i'm taking notes and understanding everything, all except for the need for me to purchase these big bottles of vitamins, green vegetable alkaline pills, and omega 3 pills as well. he's prescribing them to me, explaining how i need to take them, how many and when, and that we should follow up, and that i would be an interesting case, yes yes and yes, all very interesting, but as we're about to leave, they bill us for the pills totally to $77 for vitamins and such, which my grandma willingly paid...

but as we leave the office, i'm confused and don't understand, considering what should've been a free consultation..and talking to my mom who went before me, what he had said to her.. as she hadn't shared her experience, or any knowledge of him being a holistic practice... soo in alot of frustration and tantrum, feeling like i've wasted my time, almost letting them take my grandmas money..

i got upset with my mom, with them, and with myself.. because i had just accepted the pills, but honestly i didn't think they would be 20+ a pop, ridiculous. why is it so much? and why not just help me and suggest what i should take and where i should buy it.. he had used the term 'god's medicine' which is fine i get it.. from the earth and all natural herbal supplements, but to extremely overcharge and not ask me if i wanted to pay.. gaah what would've happened if I was alone.. i don't have any money!

gaaah so basically in all the halaballoo.. in a huge argument and everyone trying to understand why i had to take all these vitamins for $77, my mom goes back and tells them i refuse to take it lol. which isn't necessarily the truth, considering i find it a good idea.. .i just don't want to pay or have the money to pay $77.

but as i left in a tantrum to upset to talk or look at anyone... considering initially i already had a bad feeling about this clinic.. and thinking i should just go straight to a gynecologist and after learning this wasn't an actual hospital... blah the evening was just crazy... but yeah. so my sister and mom go back and as my sister is there, when my mom had stated that I wouldn't take the vitamins.. the lady rudely responds 'why?! she doesn't believe in holism?!'... blah

pass and fail all in one...


+ the natural way of healing
+ using god's medicine
+ the recommended vegetarian diet
+ Gaining knowledge of diet and why.
+ the fact that he admitted they're like "educators"
+ free consultation
+ the thought that i could easily fix this and prevent it myself


- not an actual doctor
- no actual check up / physical
- $77 vitamins (god's medicine)
- Don't practice real medicine.
- Other female doctor was rude.
- Failure to ask if i could afford it.
- their detailed forms to fill in (confusing)

Ugh soo basically things got a little heated... cause i've been so frustrated and i was excited to actually have gotten some real help, but unfortunately just turned out to be a doctor who helps you in a path.. and guides you through your health naturally.. that can be good, but at the same time, possibly not enough..

Monday, March 15, 2010

Hello Quilty

Loungefly does it again :)

So i've been wanting a HELLO KITTY head bag for the longest time.. and yet i'm still hesitant.. gah i swore i should've bought that clear one long ago..cause this bag is pretty big and bulky. I've read up and it's about 16" wide and 12.5" high. geez.. could it be anymore I LOVE HELLO KITTY!

Not to mention the color choice.. it's either you get the white.. which is like yaay, but what do i wear with it.. and the fact that it's in white... or do you get the black which is like in patent shiny leather lol. again what do you wear with it?

bah i'm tired. i'll be out for island vintage. and maybe some waikiki :D

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Double Tipped

I'm probably gonna have a new set up every week or twice a week even :)

Creme Taupe, or is more of a mauve? lol. with Dark Metallic Grey :) yum. oh konad. i ♥ you, and i apologize for not finding you earlier. but I am addicted, in love and fully obsessed with you ehhe. ps. i sucked butt at doing my left thumb, it kept on being crooked :( so i apologize for my amatuerness for even amatuer nail art lol ahha

Evil Genius' IRATIK affair

What inspires you? If there's one thing I would say I wish I could go back to, in which I haven't been in awhile, is DIY creativity. With the burst of Technology nowadays, I swear to God i've gotten lazy and even more impatient than I can remember by far. I love DIY. I love the look of things that are hand done, and I love experimenting, with everything. I've always been the type to do things on my own.. and take pride in creating something with my two hands... :) and that says a lot coming for me...

Since the discovery of the computer lol hhaha actually not really.. i'd say ever since becoming a graphic designer, it's so easy to just do things digitally. Everything is done digitally.. gaaah but i love the craft of drawing, painting, crafting, creating, dark room photography.. many of the things I take for granted nowadays.. and sadly and shameful to say, i have no patience in doing... I keep telling myself.. gah.. "i should start painting.." but what really sucks, is when it comes down to it.. i spent far more then 75% of my time in front of my computer.. hahah the rest truthfully is sleeping or shopping.. and even worst, most times if i'm not creating something for design, i'm researching (shopping basically..) always out searching for what's new and trendy and see all the things i love and all the things i hate lol.. but none the less, sadly I am always in front of the computer.

You know i've realized, that I find myself sad sometimes viewing what others are doing in their lives, reading it, watching it... and I think, what the hell am I doing here... watching, reading, hearing about other people discovering their dreams, revealing their destinies and fulfilling their every awaited dreams and aspirations.

Why have I fallen so stagnant. To a young woman who was filled with the now of LIVING IRATIK, I feel my life of what used to be IRATIKness has failed to be nothing but the opposite, predictable, stagnant, and unfulfilling.. I want to grow so much, so many things i've left on the back burner. My sister and cousin are planning on going on a trip to Cali.. and unfortunately that doesn't seem like an option to me.. because i'm still coping with getting a job, settling a life.. getting insurance and gettin checked up for god's sake :( .

Trying.. hard?! am i. I swear it's like i've given up. What I would just wish so much for that part of me to awaken and rise up the occasion, but yet at the same time... where is that occasion? I've been down and out a lot lately... and no one really understands why. I mean they understand my situation. but I Don't think they really understand how I'm feeling, and how low it's brought me.. but I'm still hoping, I'm still praying... sometimes, sadly. But i'm still holding on to that little ounce of faith... all in which i really hope would rebuild itself again.. but i guess this will all take time..

what is this post about? haa i have no clue.. the title had started of Evil Genius' Iratik Affair, simply to portray the outfit which consists of Evil Genius' Holey Shirt and my DIY Fish Nets, in which i dared to try =p lol. Cut a few holes here and there.. my bf limited me lol. But yes... now that I think of it.. I used to live on how IRATIK my thoughts were, how crazy, how unpredictable.. and I used to thrive on the thought of creativity and how artists have their own little bit of Fine Maddness... and I guess that's how I'll tie this post in with what wasn't intentional.. but was merely an iratik prediction :) of but the MISS, of the Evil Genius of but this, another IRATIK AFFAIR... which is my life.