Sunday, April 18, 2010

so i know i said that I wasn't that big on designing apparel for others, but as far as branding for Iratik, that is something i can most definitely do :)

I'm actually getting more inspired to do some other pieces... but more on the sway towards feminine looks that my IRATIK ladies can wear :) are you looking forward to it? I am... just took up a job with a very inspiring young woman, same age as me... ;) who has most definitely set a good bar.. and I have yet to do the same... hoping she will inspire and motivate me to do my thing and really brand myself.. I am hoping for the best, and i'm pretty sure God is right by my side on this..

so yaaay and stay tuned for stuff as far as hats, accessories, jewelry, shirts and etc...


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  1. Good luck to your endeavors! Go for it! :D