Friday, April 16, 2010

All We Need is Time

Nihon Jin Goodies :) Hello Kitty Easter Edition, Sesame Seed Crackers, and Hello Panda Chocolate Biscuits.

Dinner at Dennys Value Meals

My $8 Dinner at Denny's
Lemon Pepper Chicken with Vegetable Pilaf Rice and Green Beans :) yum.

My baby's $6 Burger :)

The night before...

Homemade DIY salad :) , Garlic Bread and 4 Cheese Pasta. yum.

The tights I got at Wet Seal for $0.25 :) yay!

The 300 Piece Minnie Mouse Puzzle we put together on our stay at home date night quality time..

So much stuff has been going on in such a short time. I feel like even more of the burden of an emotional wreckage i've become... all the thoughts, all the things. But on the plus side i talked with my gf's today.. it's been awhile since we've seen eachother with the weight of school work, work and everything else emotional on their shoulders... it's been a long time..

so we linked onto oovoo and videochatted :)

So with other things in mind.. I had another interview on Monday with an inspiring business woman. My age and with a local business incorporating Art, Music and a life style of fashion that will blow your mind :) iKandy is an awesome way to go. The interview went totally well and I'm just glad to know that I'm such a great candidate.. unlike some other places that just don't seem interested enough.. I got a heads up from 2 of my references that the job finally gave them calls and I got responses such as "don't worry i told them you walk on water!" :) from my most recent hehe.. which really made me feel confident.. hehe.

But yeah.. i have been waiting on their call considering they got the reference check yesterday... they have until tomorrow to call.. i really wanna work two jobs just cause they both have a lot of great pros, but if i had to pick despite the fact that one could possibly be better... the other just weighs in better benefits for my NOW factor. with a great gateway to the art community as well as design and anything else hawaii... I want to pick that.. let along take any other health issues into consideration... so i guess i will be giving her a call or text tomorrow.

In the mean time, this will include the past few day's goodies :)

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  1. oovooo, lol. did you switch the pictures around? I though I was on the right? lol. video chatting is weird, haha. maybe it takes time to get used to.

    Looks like you guys have been eating really well =D

    It would be great if cr called you back, but I think iKandy would be the better choice, in terms of having what you need for fashion and arts. We can always look into independent coverage =)