Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Bump in Cosmetics Interest

Gaaah so lately in my addition to my latest rush in fashion addiction.. my newest addiction is Konad nail plates :), nail polish, and lipsticks.. gaaaah I have yet to get these viva glam by mac lipsticks... I'm in dire need of a natural color.

I know I'm late with the mac and make up game.. but lipstick has been a new yay :) it's just a new accessory that pumps up any of my outfits and makes it pop..gaaah $14 a pop. hehe

Viva glam by Cyndia Lauper, Lady Gaga, Liberty of London in Petals and Peacocks and Blooming Lovely... and more colors... not to mention the one i've already tested out in previous blogs on, Mac's Matte Russian Red

gah can't wait to get a job again and provide and treat myself even more ;}


  1. I love how you're always wearing lipstick now. I remember how afraid you were to wear that one pink color I was trying to get you to put on on your birthday, lol.

    MAC is so good with their makeup. They have Hello Kitty inspired colors as well, don't they? =)

  2. yess mam they do, but i don't think they sell them anymore do they!? lol i want the viva glam let's go lipstick shopping hahha i wanna nude color lol