Thursday, April 8, 2010

Hulu Inspiration

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Ok, so anyone that knows me.. knows that I barely used to watch TV at all! Lol and technically I still don't. My sleep schedule is totally off and different and I have no clue to what channels are what and what time certain shows come on.. lol.. so with the Discovery of HULU i swear that I have been watching TV sooo much lol by technicality hehe.. but of course catered to my IRATIK schedule lol. So yeah... but yeah set aside from all the great shows I watch on Hulu to catch up with for my fashion fixes such as Launch My Line, Project Runway and Shear Genius and Tabatha's Salon Take Over, One show that really gets me thinking is "Being Erica" i forget where it plays on, I believe it's SOAPnet? lol I have no clue. I love this show. It's a new series that is very dramatic, humorous, romantic and just the kind of show I love to watch to get me inspired.

In short, 'Being Erica' is a show based on the main character "Being Erica" played by Erin Karpluk, who in my opinion does a great job :). SO basically what happens in the show is that character, Erica Strange is given opportunities to relive her past and possibly change certain aspects of her future. I mean who wouldn't want to do that? I'm sure if anyone had the opportunity to change something in the past that withheld something form occurring in the future, you would definitely do it, would you not? In my opinion Erica's character is ooh so courageous, because although there are many things we'd like to relive and change in our lives, like the bad things and the happy moments, there are also a lot of scary crazy moments that she has to relive as well, which in certain aspects she can in NO WAY change, and instead relive all the hurt and pain and result in a discovering a life lesson which then ultimately in the end of all this 'therapy' changes her for the better.

If you were given the opportunity.. would you take it? Not that in the show she has much of a choice lol.

with that said.. there were also alot of other tv shows that I had only started watching because of hulu :)

01. The Forgotten
02. Fringe
03. Kyle XY
04. HOUSE m.d.
05. CSI
06. Desperate Housewives
07. Glee
08. Being Erica
09. Lost
10. Stand Off
11. Castle
12. Bones
13. Ugly Betty
14. Eastwick (which unfortunately got cancelled!!!)
15. Greek
16. Mercy
17. Cougar Town
18. White Collar
19. Psych
20. Heroes
21. Scrubs
22. Dollhouse
23. Launch My Line
24. Project Runway
25. Shear Genius
26. Tabatha's Salon Take Over

lol those are in no particular order!


  1. lol, I'm so behind on tv shows and movies.

  2. this is most definitely an awesome show to watch, keep you inspired about life..