Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nothing Sweeter

So the last two days have been an emotional roller coaster for me. what with already being a woman, you know what comes with that every month, unfortunately lol. you know I told a girlfriend that 'with all the pain that we have, we should be getting paid. ' Blah, so with all the emotional turmoil the last three months, in additional to a friend who only visits once a month... I've been all over the place.. with regular breakdowns every now and then =p but yeah, but finally it's the third round or so of attempts in interviewing for a day job.. and I had a group interview, 1 of 2 group interviews I have ever had in my life, MIND YOU! Why they have group interviews.. eeeh. I heard to see how we connect.. lol. But yeah turns out, it's a 2 part interview if they like you :)

Anywhoo the interview went pretty well. The night before I was a mess, frustrated with the nervousness of an interview that came suddenly lol. and the fact that it was a group interview.. but as it turned out it wasn't that bad, with a group of 6 i believe... I felt pretty confident. I swear possibly if it weren't for one of the other girls that was being interviewed, I'm not sure if I would've broke my nerve to feel confident hehe. I kept thinking, 'get noticed', 'stay in there', 'smile', 'always have something to say' and fortunately I feel my personal stylings didn't go un-noticed :) with a few normal interview questions in getting to know eachother, alot of the other questions had to do with discovering our style and if we could sell.

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Q: Who's Celebrity Style do you like the most?

A: I love Rihanna for her edgy more high end styles and I love Zooey Deschanel for her Modern Vintage flair.

Another style question asked, but I believe not to me, was...

Q: Describe to me your style.

And one for the whole group was..

Sell me the outfit you're wearing...

Gah fortunately I was prepared and dressed, especially with something I could easiliy sell :)

My outfit consisted of

01) Zebra Flutter/Ruffle Chiffon Print Romantic Top Layered with a
02) Casual Black Plunging V Neck Knee High Dress
03) Vintage Faux Leather Fuschia Waist Belt
04) Forever21 Leaflet Black Tights
05) Bamboo Studded T Straps
06) Layering Necklaces DIY
07) Miscellaneous Rhinestone Pave Cocktail Rings

The selling points I had mentioned about my outfit gravitated towards the style factors of what's currently in.

Outfit being a more edgy Zooey Dechanel outfit Vintage Modern Business Casual style with a bit of edge.

-Selling how tights are Hauteee now, along with textures and transparencies..
-Layering is in (creating versatility) Ruffle top underneath a plunging V neck top, showing just enough print and detail to calm the chaos
-The Ruffles of the top are romantic and vintage style reminiscent, along with the tie in with animal prints: zebra.
-T-strap studded flats.. (anything studded is in), tstraps and taupe neutral tones are in

Didn't really get into accessory details, but i'm sure it was alright :)

Anywhoo the interview felt like it went well. so it's just another week to wait for a call. but in the mean time.. i really wanted to get a foot in the door considering knowing there's a great position i'd love to have being somewhat of a wardobe/trend specialist, considering i'm gravitating becoming a buyer and or stylist.

so let's just pray for the best...

How I wore them casually...

And in the mean time.. I found the shoes I wore to my interview, basically on Modcloth! But with Gold studs I believe, although I gotta say, I dig my gun metal far better... opens up for more versatility..

I swear, there is nothing sweeter, than to discover something that you had bought for half the price somewhere else.. and to be sold one of the most chic and mod vintage places ever for twice the price :)

Featuring my latest flat find, I signed on to check up on Modcloth's New Arrivals and there they were.. I swear they're my shoe but with Gold Toned Studs instead of the Gun Metal that I have.. labeled.. "Twinkle Toes T-Straps" for $27.99

In the mean time, you can check out my blog to see how i wore them in my most recent posts :)

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