Friday, April 23, 2010

Clean and Unfinished..

I just ordered this ring off of UO and i am very excited to get it!!

Lately i've been finding myself more amused with the unfinished architectual diy look vs the high gloss high fashion look :) after seeing this gorgeous ring on by bleachblack. I did some research for this brand and I find myself adored with it :) i love the look, i've been searching for the perfect branch tree ring. and this one totally takes the cake..

The above image is the concept that which derived from a vintage mother's wedding ring.. which was found at their blog...

Yet on their site i found a bunch of other gorgeous pieces by other artists :) in which i automatically fell in love with..

Along with these gorgeous pieces of artwork, i came across some other cute items, from, along with an interesting statement.

Dick Weed Nail Art at for $12.95

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  1. I really like the two finger ring in the first post. How unique! lol, idk about that shirt

  2. Wow that ring you ordered is awesome! And I like the special-hell-idea for fashion bloggers :D