Thursday, April 1, 2010

Island Style

Sooo today was the last day... got up early and saw off our mama... she's lucky, back to Cali... You know strangely.. for my age you wouldn't believe that the last time I've traveled by airplane or anywhere to anywhere was when i was in the 6th grade! You believe that?! 12 years ago approximately!! Gah, the airports seem soo frustrated... riddled with sooo many new rules, options, technology... not to mention it's busy and all the precautions due to the past.. :/ blah. It's ridiculous... and crazy.. makes me wonder how i'd be if i flew.. i don't even know how i'd be.. if i'm any good flying... do i freak out?! am i calm?! lol.. i hear they don't even always feed you anymore?! i remember always looking forward to the food that they served, but now it's optional and even if you have to pay! gaaaah and the additional prices for more carryons or whateves... it's ridiculous..

You know honestly i have no clue what i'd do if i had to up and leave hawaii... cause i have a million things Id tell you! I'd have to go to the swap meet and sell anything and everything possible! i wouldn't know what do at all! :/ but yeah...

Mother left... and already it sucks.. i loved having her around. She has been so good to us... despite the fact that she's not necessarily fit to financially provide for us.. she has provided so much in support and love... and you can't get that kind of love easily... trust me.. anywhoo. we dropped her off and then went out to eat.. cause there was no time before hand..

So we ended up going to a new place, with what was supposed to be Nico's? an under $10 plate lunch style plate.. ended up being a more upscale... fresh fish market type of restaurant with great ambiance, food and decor.. love it! :D it was nice too bad all three of our plates came out to be like 40 something... but it was most definitely all worth it :D i love finding great new places to eat. and the outside environment was refreshing, cause it has most definitely been awhile..

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  1. I'm glad you guys got to spend quality time with your mom. It must've been a great two weeks.

    That food looks so ono =P We should have a beach day, then eat over there =D