Sunday, April 18, 2010

Best Kept Secret

Thanks to one of my besties.. i found something that'll amuse me daily and I am open to more and more sites that keep my mind intrigued and my humor humored :)

My second look at post secret and the things there are awesome.. i haven't yet read up on exactly how you get your stuff up but I will most definitely make it a point to get something up there :)

here are a few of the ones that caught my eye ;)

amusing cause I wonder.. lol. ohhhh i wonder! does this secret yet hold truth?!

interesting and yet some part of it feels partly true... alot of times you're surrounded by all these people in church who love God and you share their love of God, but alot of times there is some doubt.. and that's when you get uncomfortable and wonder... yet I pray this all changes.. and i shall not lose faith..

lol i found this most amusing cause of the combination of finishing one's laundry with orgasm, it's just soooo random lol

and i loved this one cause the ending part was sooo unexpected ;)

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  1. i love post secrets!!! i actually have the first post secrets book :)