Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Holistic Treatment

So a very interesting thing happened to me today. What was supposed to be a routine checkup at a 'free clinic' turned out to be waaay more then i had expected. An aggravating, interesting and yet very eye opening experience...

So today is the last day that we had to spend with my mom, she departs Hawaii tomorrow.. and the date when she will return... is unsure. Anywhoo... so we both had a free consultation appointment today with the same doctors; and to my surprise, to little too late, it was a holistic practitioner, or doctor... which is something very new and interesting. after sitting down and signing all these papers to do with private information and symptoms, i recall reading a word i had not understood 'holistic'

It wasn't until I had spoke to the 'doctor' that I realized, this was not a regular doctor that practices medicine, but a doctor that believes that we can be healed naturally rather then by antibiotics and other such things... and believe me.. I've read books on this and I strongly agree.. the whole body being interconnected with your mind, emotionally and being tied to your health... of course I feel its connected...

but that wasn't the point today.. so, never actually knowing that these type of doctors existed, i enjoyed our talk on how i need to change my diet first and foremost... considering all the post surgery / cancer pain that i've been having.. he feels it's mainly with diet.. and basically he brought it down to the fact that I should basically be a vegetarian.. or at least almost.. cut down on lots of meat, and the importance of 80% alkaline diet...

with that being said, i'm taking notes and understanding everything, all except for the need for me to purchase these big bottles of vitamins, green vegetable alkaline pills, and omega 3 pills as well. he's prescribing them to me, explaining how i need to take them, how many and when, and that we should follow up, and that i would be an interesting case, yes yes and yes, all very interesting, but as we're about to leave, they bill us for the pills totally to $77 for vitamins and such, which my grandma willingly paid...

but as we leave the office, i'm confused and don't understand, considering what should've been a free consultation..and talking to my mom who went before me, what he had said to her.. as she hadn't shared her experience, or any knowledge of him being a holistic practice... soo in alot of frustration and tantrum, feeling like i've wasted my time, almost letting them take my grandmas money..

i got upset with my mom, with them, and with myself.. because i had just accepted the pills, but honestly i didn't think they would be 20+ a pop, ridiculous. why is it so much? and why not just help me and suggest what i should take and where i should buy it.. he had used the term 'god's medicine' which is fine i get it.. from the earth and all natural herbal supplements, but to extremely overcharge and not ask me if i wanted to pay.. gaah what would've happened if I was alone.. i don't have any money!

gaaah so basically in all the halaballoo.. in a huge argument and everyone trying to understand why i had to take all these vitamins for $77, my mom goes back and tells them i refuse to take it lol. which isn't necessarily the truth, considering i find it a good idea.. .i just don't want to pay or have the money to pay $77.

but as i left in a tantrum to upset to talk or look at anyone... considering initially i already had a bad feeling about this clinic.. and thinking i should just go straight to a gynecologist and after learning this wasn't an actual hospital... blah the evening was just crazy... but yeah. so my sister and mom go back and as my sister is there, when my mom had stated that I wouldn't take the vitamins.. the lady rudely responds 'why?! she doesn't believe in holism?!'... blah

pass and fail all in one...


+ the natural way of healing
+ using god's medicine
+ the recommended vegetarian diet
+ Gaining knowledge of diet and why.
+ the fact that he admitted they're like "educators"
+ free consultation
+ the thought that i could easily fix this and prevent it myself


- not an actual doctor
- no actual check up / physical
- $77 vitamins (god's medicine)
- Don't practice real medicine.
- Other female doctor was rude.
- Failure to ask if i could afford it.
- their detailed forms to fill in (confusing)

Ugh soo basically things got a little heated... cause i've been so frustrated and i was excited to actually have gotten some real help, but unfortunately just turned out to be a doctor who helps you in a path.. and guides you through your health naturally.. that can be good, but at the same time, possibly not enough..

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  1. Was this the clinic that my doctor had recommended?