Sunday, March 14, 2010

Double Tipped

I'm probably gonna have a new set up every week or twice a week even :)

Creme Taupe, or is more of a mauve? lol. with Dark Metallic Grey :) yum. oh konad. i ♥ you, and i apologize for not finding you earlier. but I am addicted, in love and fully obsessed with you ehhe. ps. i sucked butt at doing my left thumb, it kept on being crooked :( so i apologize for my amatuerness for even amatuer nail art lol ahha


  1. I saw some Konad in Long's today, but they had cutesy designs, like flowers and bears.. lol. Yours are much more woman-like. lol. It made me think of you =) I'm been doing freehand designs on my nails, lol. <3

  2. whaattt they have konad in longs!? hahah i'm sooo gonna look now lol how much were they plates?