Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So Close, but yet So far...

What have I been doing? A lot of NOTHING is what I tell you. WHAT DO I WANT TO DO? What do I desire to do?

What I really want to do with my life involves a whole lot of FASHION, STYLING, Accessorizing, Buying!, Designing, Traveling, Traveling, Traveling...

Gah I've been so sheltered my whole life, So afraid, so held back... and I keep seeing job wanted ads for BUYERS and STYLISTs, and MY GOD, I just wish i knew what it takes to get that job.. and to actually be qualified. All these useless depressing retail jobs I've been applying for, have been turning me down and I've been a wreck over it.. so many things I want to do involving my own line of clothing, fashion photography, stylizing, look books, staging displays and photoshoots, styling hair.. the works -_-, but I feel so far.. and sadly I guess I have no professional experience, I recently came across this ad on craigslist for a junior stylist / buyer... http://honolulu.craigslist.org/oah/ret/1624516459.html

and i have no clue what it takes to be qualified or for them to even consider taking me up on this job. But how I long to do something different, to live and to pursue what I can truly be good at and grow in. God help me, guide me... cause i'm wandering aimlessly and not in an optimistic way but in the most struggling pathetic way ever :/

Please someone educate me on what it takes, cause if I actually have what it takes to be applying for these types of positions, so help me I had rather try out for these... where it's worth it.

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