Friday, March 5, 2010

Are you chic enough for chictopia?

So I wanted to repost this, I had posted this in hopes to make the cut for the Chictopia10 Event, however I had failed miserably lol.. anywhoo.. I wanted to vent on how I've grown.


So first of all. I can’t tell you how much CHICTOPIA has inspired me to invoke my inner fashionista! I mean i’ve always been into style and my own style of fashion, but Chictopia just opened up a whole new world to me. I know it seems pretty ‘sheltered’ but quite frankly yes it was. Before chictopia, there was nothing else that interesting other than myspace, facebook etc… just networking friendship connecting sites, but Chictopia well… it was just a whole different world opened up to me!

I swear to you… i discovered Chictopia when i was on the forever21 site and they had a contest going… obviously eager to enter something for the first time and show of fashion sense and style, I created a chictopia account and i was amazed by what i had stumbled upon. Never had anyone introuduced me to such a site, i swear that I would’ve been wayyy into this in my earlier years and more fashion forward. I had discovered so many things with Chictopia, the once hidden world to me of Great minds who thought alike and dressed alike! and had the same passion as I did when it came to picking out just the right outfit regardless of what everyone else is wearing. I’ve always had a strong mind for what i really like :) and I usually stick to it… even if sometimes it turned out being things that I know none of my friends would even consider wearing or even dare trying… they would always say… “only you could pull it off…” or “that’s sooo you” but sometimes in a way where I wasn’t sure if that was a compliment lol. Having a different style and taste was always the kind of thing i wasn’t so sure was a good thing lol cause others kind of made like it was too much. But I guess i’ve just come across a whole new life with Chictopia.

Not only has this community opened up my eyes to all the beautiful people out there, but all their intriguing thoughts on their lives and fashion and how it all connects them and keeps them going… it’s interesting how something as simple as what you wear can really brighten up your day.

Since being a part of the Chictopia community I have never been so inspired. I think since being a member I have really opened up to a new light, not just the people, but just checking up on online stores and stumbling across from link to link to other young passionate fashionistas that pursue their own fashion lines, designing jewelry their own online stores, vintage finds… it’s just so wow! I can’t believe how much my fashion inspiration and motivations have been pushed by witnessing others making their dream come true. I am definately indeed inspired and to have a chance to really create something that is truly something special created by me.. there are so many things i want to do… Fashion Line of Jewelry/Clothing, My Own Online Boutique later to become an actual boutique… sooo many things… i just can’t seem to fathom and imagine all of these dreams and aspirations to come to life.. one by one. Witnessing so many others being successful I just can’t help but pursue.. i cannot stop. I guess I’m just hoping to meet the right people to help pursue those dreams and getting off this island finally and experiencing an even bigger world beyond this and make things happen.


So yeah... obviously things have changed... I've learned a lot about myself lately.. this blog was written in January.. and It is now March, and sadly, oh so sadly I have not made any progress. And honestly it really makes me sad, and makes me wonder, I know for a fact that I am my most biggggest huggest critic! lol I know I know... I swear I put myself down sooooo easily.. it's like I feed off of the feedback of society.. and if I don't feel like I've satisfied them, quite sadly I'm disappointed in myself... but I mean, WHO ISN'T, gah I'm 24 and I'm still waiting to do what I really want to do.. right now I'm still looking for a day job, I've failed miserably the last three interviews, missed an opportunity for an interview, and didn't even get a call back for my last resort spot lol. Maybe the girl didn't turn it in lol. or maybe it was my avail.. either way, no call. But i've realized and wondered if I had taken the other path in 2006, when I had chosen Graphic Design and Advertising over Fashion Design.. I find it quite interesting... I find that I find myself wanting a challenge, but sometimes at the same time failing to take it up... I go for the easy way out.. It's the same for music, I could've easily pursued music... I used to love singing, it was my everything.. but unfortuantely lately I have failed to succeed and yet again that has become such a disappointment and backside burner aspiration.. My life has been in a downward spiral for the last few months.. and even before that I kept feeling like I was so out of it. I have always been the type to always want to do something, never sit still, doing things right away, cause i can't wait, multi tasking.. but i've already realized times where I was given the chance easily... Has my life been a pitfall of chances... should I have taken Fashion Design instead? Am I even as great of a designer as others make me out to be, or is that just by their standard... and wondering if going off into the rest of the world, I'm no better then them and won't make it.. gaah I'm such a downer, but I have been realizing lately.. that I really want to be a stylist and buyer and design setups and scenerios in fashion, but i have no clue how to do that.. and I have no idea who to talk to :/ I really want to try a job that involves being a professional buyer and stylist...but then again failure just awaits me.. or more disappointment.. haaa a one way road of speed bumps of temporary happiness and never ending depression. Someone school me on what it takes and I will do it!

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  1. oh no, that picture! lol.

    stop using the word faaaaiiil! You did not fail anything! I don't have answers for when you'll land your first job as a stylist/buyer, but don't get down and don't feel bad. And who in society is giving you negative feedback?! I'll whack 'em! haha.

    Graphic design is very useful in fashion and goes hand-in-hand with fashion in so many ways. Don't regret things you cannot change, they drive people crazy =/

    Gah, I'm very much interested in being a part of the fashion industry somehow and that's more unrealistic/unbelievable don't you think?

    Anyways, lol, hafaguddei! <3