Friday, March 5, 2010

Girls' Day: Hello Kitty, Bows, and Cheetah Print Toes ;)

So first and foremost, Happy Belated Girl's day :) So I can't recall exactly what we did.. lol I remember we kind of just got out , just to get out... and It was me, the bf, and my sister and cousin.. the usual :) We headed to Ala Moana and went to Shirokiya, only to discover my newest and most dangerous addiction lol.. nail art.. haha i know it's kind of late... i've actually been wanting to take up some nail art recently because I've been seeing lots of girls doing their nails and I've been thinking to myself, is there something I'm missing? lol haha. Some new inexpensive method, or is everyone just gifted with talent to do nail art that could be done by pros, and I totally am without talent for this lol.

But yeah long story short... I discovered KONAD :) i'm sure this is old news.. but for me... CHEEE.. I'm all smiles lol. Cause I've always been really into always painting my nails, and I told myself I would never pay for a manicure only because it wouldn't be worth it, considering the things I do... lol. So a $20+ manicure would probably last a day or even night lol haha. Oh wells :/ but yeah... this is totally worth it.. and I really love the concept..

***So basically the concept of this Konad Nail Art is practically the same concept or etching, if you're familiar with printmaking... What you do is, you purchase an image plate, a stamper and a scraper... The image plate is a small round mini plate about 2 inches in diameter, made of metal and this has multiple nail designs which are etched into the plate.

1) So basically the first thing you do is, you apply/paint a layer of nail polish over the etched design, 2) then you use the scraper to scrape off the excess nail polish, and what is left is the ink remaining within the design.. 3) from then on you use this rubber stamp like applicator and you press it upon the stamp area, then the nailpolish and your design is transfered onto the rubber stopper, and then you apply it directly to your nails... and voila!! instant professional nail salon artwork :)

And the best part about it is, the plates are inexpensive and so are the stamps :) I believe you can find them on ebay for $7.99 free shipping and some plates are even packaged with the stamper for $13.99 free ship :) so it's such a steal and you never have to worry about spending endless amounts of money for your nails to be chic chic chic! Hahaha.. :) awesome isn't it?

Anywhoo... I actually didn't purchase this item right away... I didn't even realize it till my cousin purchased it and told me bout it.. when I saw her purchasing them, I looked at the price for $7.50 and I actually thought that these silver plates were just thin silver metallic stencils.. lol had no idea they were metal plates! like etching! ahaha.. anywhoo... I was pretty skeptical and we tried it out that night :) and the images above are the following results.. hehe And sadly I learned that the opaque metallic nail polishes, have a hard time fighting against the contrast of the cream base... so from now on. i guess i'll be using metallic base color and creme for the detailing :).. ahhah i love it! and it's great considering... that I know I'd never spend that much on a manicure.. bah.

Last but not least... the picture above also includes todays purchases, which will be my treats for Girl's day hehe... I actually got the 2 finger ring the day before that I believe... but omg.. i had to have it.. purchased this 2 finger HELLO KITTY, Dear Daniel ring... and it is to die for... ! gaaah lol. finally! HK why are you slacking!! there should already be a 2 finger diamante ring out lol =p gah i would love to design HK jewelry.

My treats also include three new creme colored nail polishes; which are pretty close to the colors i wanted... white, grey and taupe..but i actually think the taupe isn't as brown as i anticipated.. actually has a little bit of purple in it lol. bah. I'm still waiting on my brother's gf for a deal with OPI's new matte colors :)

Last but not least of my gifts, I also purchased 2 clips, i had to have them because they are like the HK bows :)

Oh and I also wanted to point out how crazy and how good the movie "The Crazies" turned out to be.. go watch it.. it's ridiculous! and it really makes you wonder about our government... :/ watch it... or read up on the synopsis... but yes GO WATCH IT! hahah..

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  1. omg, I saw that online, haha. KONAD. sounds like a great deal. And you know how I try to avoid Hello Kiiiitty Kat, lol, but I love that ring. And, I WANT YOUR HAIR CLIPS!!! lol.

  2. hahah hey hun :) yay success! lol i'd buy you guys the same gifts.. but i'm not rich lol.. haha :( but i have a 6/7 in the ring if you want to buy it :) and those clips were only $2 each at Jeans Warehouse ,i was hoping they had a black and white opaque one too but they had other colors like green, purple, orange... :)