Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Hooded Night

What was supposed to be a day that started early, started late lol. :/ well that's what I get for sleeping at 8 and rising at 2 lol :/ eek. Bah. Anywhoo.. finally picked up my sarahayo 2 finger ring... the quality is actually a little more yuck then i expected, but you have to admit that this ring still gives that oooh and ahhhh efffect :) lol haha.. Anywhoo.... this was my outfit for the day. It's been cold, i've been feeling junky.... gah. Turned in another application, at a place I used to work at 5 years ago... and back in the day.. lol. I know i know, i really didn't want to settle for going there, but i've been jobless long enough... and I need a job.. and I have to even hope that they'll still hire me :( and if they don't.. i promise you I will be eternally and even more disappointment and miserable with myself lol. Bah anywhoo. In the meantime today... we stopped by the post office, picked up and dropped off items... then headed to the mall just to go out.. the mall was busy.. but i got in a quick fix at f21... picked up some cute polka dot tights :) and grey chevron tights as well along with 2 rings (a fan one, similiar to the one sold on and also a a 2 finger bar ring very thin, but with a rhinestone cross in the middle.) and a pair of black crossgrain barettes for $1.50 in black...

Then afterwards headed to Coral Fish in pearl city :) and wow was I amused... lately my boyfriend has been having this fishy fix lol.. ahah for lent he gave up FITTED and INFORMATION and yada yada.. all of his weaknesses... but he's picked up a new thing for fishes, he's building a school of fishes for his 29" tank lol. all fresh water :) but yeah.. this place was wow... lots of water everywhere... tanks everywhere... but wow the downstairs was filled with lots of salt water fishes! the cast of Finding Nemo! hhhahah :/ If only they weren't so expensive so we could have them in our homes and watch these beatiful creatures daily.. bah hum bug.. but yeah.. he ended up buying 5 cute colorful fishies... Then last but not least we made one last stop and i copped a heather grey boyfriend blazer :) for just $15.. yay :) blah.. ok. time to do something else... hope you guys all had a great day... oh and ps. i was totally off track. i went to bed remembering tomorrow was Friday, but then midway through esp a little later on in the night when i realized my bf actually had work, cause he was rushing to get things done... i realized again it was Friday and not Saturday lol.

Last but not least.. check out these sites... :)

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  1. cute outfit! love the ring on your photo :) $15 for a bf blazer-thats awesome!! and horray for fishes :D hehe!!